Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Oops! Haven't blogged in ages....

...so here it is! I've decided to do Kate Crane's Journal ! I've done my first pages and here they are:

Rather pleased!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Sunday Special for the 1st December............

......really! December?? Already???  Just to cheer us all up after that thought, here is a totally gratuitous picture of my Sid:
(If you don't like cats, stop following my blog is all I can say!)

I've had a lovely craft-heavy weekend!  Yesterday, I spent the day at the wondrous emporium that is 

We were very honoured to have the lovely and talented Jo Firth-Young come to teach us some Fresco Finish paint techniques to make a lovely Christmas Canvas. We used paints (got painty fingers), stamps (got inky fingers) and die-cuts (no - no die-cut fingers thank you!).  Here's my finished piece:
and some close ups.......

Unfortunately you can't see the glitter, but believe me, it's been 'blinged' to death!

And on to Sunday. Well, when it comes to crafting, I definitely have two personalities - number one is the 'create, misbehave, anything goes, slap it on a page/canvas/box and see what happens' which is what I did in yesterday's class, and then there's this weird person. Who makes cards. Very neat cards. When I say neat, I mean really neat! See what I mean:

  Yep! I've sold my soul. Only to Stampin' Up you understand! Me, Mum and Meryl (my lovely sister) had a great afternoon doing a dress rehearsal for my 1st proper demo next week! Mum and Meryl made 4 cards each and they were beautiful!
I was surprised at how exhausting it was! But thoroughly enjoyed my crafty weekend!!

 Just in case you missed him, here's Sid!! Again!!

Thanks for looking!