Monday, 12 May 2014

Can't believe that.... last blog was my 50th!! If I'd realised I would have done a little card or something to give away!! Bet you're all glad I didn't!!! Anyway, I thought I'd share my latest 'makings' and 'thinkings' in general!

Just watched the EuroVision Song Contest! I love it and have watched it for as long as I can remember!  I thought last night's show was the best in recent years, purely for song quality! I particularly liked the last song (yeah, I know it wasn't part of the competition!), when all the contestants took to the stage and joined Emmelie de Forest and joined in with her new song! The joy on their faces at just singing together made me quite emotional (yes. I cried. I do when something makes me happy!)- that is what music should be! As an aside, I had about 4 Facebook streams going on at the same time, all making comments on the show! Brilliant! It was like watching with all of my friends!  Which brings me neatly to my main bloggy bit!

I don't have my 'Chat' turned on when I'm on FB because Peeps can just access you instantly. I prefer to 'message', either privately or page to page (gives you time to think/have a wee!) Yesterday I pinged up a photo of a card I made, (bear with me, photos here soon! (can't believe I've just googled the correct 'Bare vs Bear!) and started a conversation with a FB friend who lives on the other side of the world! Yes, thanks to the powers of FaceBook, we were able to discuss the ins and outs of cards and papers to use!  Please check out Dot's blog here! (She's good!) Anyhoos, here are some piccies!
This is Liam's card for Poppy's 17th Birthday!

And here is mine! Outside first.....

And this is the inside - courtesy of beautiful free stamps by Indigo Blu that came with this month's 'Simply Cards & Papercraft' magazne!
And here is Sid - he loves to pose with my cards........

This is the other card I made this week for my mate Mark - lots of DI's in the brown tones!

Followed by my most favourite Stampin' Up! Stamp (at the moment - it changes on a regular basis!!) (ps - you can order it from me! Just go to the link above and 'find a demonstrator' enter my name and 'Shop'!)

Almost done! Just add a bottle of wine and a glass!

Hmmm.....needs a little bit more?

 Just needed some 'Petite Petals' stamped on book paper!

I loved how this turned out - so difficult to do Men cards!

Thank you for visiting my blog and spending time reading it - I really appreciate it!

Before I go, I would like to enter this in  The Artistic Stamper Monthly Challenge which this month is 'In The Garden!

TTFN! xxx