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  2. Well, I have finally got back to 'About Me'. I'll begin at the beginning! I was born in Wallsend in 1962. In 1965 my Dad moved to Kent in a temporary move for his job. Yep. We're still here! Though I must say the Kent gene pool has been enormously improved!!! I'm a biochemist by training although I've always been 'arty' too! I play the flute, piano and Northumbrian pipes (although my OH would prefer me to stay silent on the latter!). I've always been a pen 'n' ink/watercolour kind of gal with the occasional foray into oils and acrylics but have rediscovered 'mixed media'. This whole lark started about 3 years ago when Mum got me and my sister round to make some Christmas Cards. Who'd have thought that 3 years down the line I would be making canvases and altering books and boxes and blogging about them too! My other loves are my cats, Sid (The 'Tux Man' or as mum calls him 'Dapper Dan') and Nancy-Pants-No-Pants (don't ask! just seemed appropriate at the time!) They are my 15 month old Ninjas! and my wonderful hubs, Nick! (just noticed I put the cats ahead of Nick. Hmmm). Oh and the boring stuff:

    1. I work full time as a Regulatory Affairs Officer
    2. Nope. Can't think of another!


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