Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Special #4

This week I'm featuring my wonderful Hubs work!  The Music Centre and CD rack is complete in construction:

The first set of racks:

And then you open the me up.....
And find the second set!

 He doesn't make any drawings...all done in his head?

The turn table shelf...
 And my contribution! Sunny Daffs! (that the cats haven't killed!)

Who doesn't love Daffs!  The next stage for the furniture is filling, sanding and polishing. Pics to follow!

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Wednesday already! Yikes!
First is a completed birthday card for a (male) friend's  40th made using Donna's stamp.  I think Donna needs to design a similar stamp with a man's face!  The Stampers Anonymous numbers were stamped semi-randomly on to tissue papers using a Brilliance ink pad with silver, bronze and black inks in the one pad. This layer was added to the brown card stock using Glue 'n' Seal.  The tissue paper stretched slightly so the card has (age-related?) wrinkles!!

Then my semi-finished books of ruination!  I'm so pleased with how these turned out that I'm taking my time in thinking of how to finish the sides and interiors.....

Following my al fresco crafting day in the sun on Sunday I have a quarter of the dining room table as a work desk again!  The beginnings of my 'Rock My Book'  (they are halfway to making it back on to my proper desk!!)

And finally...........................

Ta-Dah!! The OH's contribution!  He really is a clever old stick!  Really beginning to take shape now.

Anyway, thank you for looking!  I'm off to look at some WOYWWs!

Ooh Just remembered.....Please can I enter the card for:

Bye bye from me x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Specials number 3......

Creating al Fresco!

It was such a lovely sunny day that my work desk became the little table in the back garden today!!!

 Preparing the surfaces of my book and boxes for the 'Rock My Book' online workshop.  Look! Blue sky!!

Stage 2 - selecting my steampunk parts for the holes in the rock.  Then I raided the OH's shed for some serious metal!!

That's all for now - I must away and put the spaghetti on for tea.

Bye bye from me x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunday Special Number 2!

Wow! Sunday already! But at least it was sunny today!  A quick photo call of this weeks activities:
One (little) book of ruination completed last night:

Yay! Only 2 more to finish!  Here's his big brother that he hides inside....
I've only done the front cover so you'll have to wait a bit before I show the finished product!

Yesterday morning was spent at the Artistic Stamper with the lovely Jennie trying not to tread any wax into the carpet (otherwise I'd be barred for life!  I even got the 'Pointy Finger' oh yes!  I was very good tho so I think I'm allowed back?)   Anyway, This is the outcome of our 3 hour workshop:
Very subtle colouring for me! (and not sure why this one is on it's side?) Lurve the new Distress Paints! I do tend to use them with a lot of water in a water coloury way (but then my background is water colour/pen and ink so maybe not surprising?)

The flower and honeycomb are made from moulds.  The rest of the canvas is also covered in wax! How cool is that! (actually the wax was ...ahem....warmish?  Got a sore thumb ;-)  ) Oops, sorry! Sore thumb is from a nasty paper cut!  Who knew crafting could be so dangerous??!!! I love my canvas and was hoping to do one today....but the sun came out!!!

Before I go I'd like to enter the following challenges:

Thanks for looking and bye bye from me!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Wednesday again!  So that means only one thing - it's time to blog the woeful state of my work desk!!  It's a bit of a family affair this week as my OH has taken over the end of the dining room table.  Here's his contribution......(that jar contains his 'biscuits'.  Personally I prefer digestives lol!)
 Yes - he's been progressing the monster CD rack!  The clamps are holding American White Oak beading to the front edge while the glue goes off.  The sides have also been clad in the same oak...absolutely beautiful!  (Note to self:  shorten the voile at the window please!)
And here's my desk!  I'm still working on the Books of Ruination!  Also some altered books - I've got 4 on the go now - the products of 5 workshops with Jennie
The Earl Grey Tin and Saxa Salt paint brush holder are also waiting for a bit of alteration attention!  I'm thinking perhaps some gorgeous G45 paper for the salt tub.....

....and yes, I'm still using my trusty tray as a portable desk!  It just keeps everything a bit more in control and just happens to be the same size as the large heat resistant mat!!

See you next Wednesday with hopefully a finished Book of Ruination or 3!!

Thanks for looking and bye bye from me x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Special.....

....what do you think? Thinking of doing a quick blog on a Sunday - round up of the week's activities sort of thing? Could be nothing for weeks on end.....!

Altered book at Jennies
Andy Skinner On-line work shop 'The Book of Ruination'
And Stotties! Wish I'd taken a picture of the dough before the rise!  There was a ball in the bottom of the bowl

 This is what it made!

Yep! Totally Yummy!

Just wanted to share...

...what fun we had today at the Artistic Stamper workshop!  Sad that there was only Rosemary and me but in a very selfish way RATHER PLEASED! We had the run of the workshop! All that space (and yes, 3 of us covered the WHOLE table!)  I've been to workshops where there's 8 of us - how do we manage???

Anyhoo, here's a few pics of what we did:

The front cover was done during the workshop and if you look closely you should see 'Altered book Five' and my initials! Notice the spine is black at this point but I felt the back cover needed something! I thought 'Alien Skin' at this point and then thought it might be too much! 
So I just did the spine!

 Then I remembered.....
We did this too!

This was the 1st half - just love the little bottles! The tall one has watch parts in (which I adore!)  The 2 little ones have beads in and look like sweetie jars! The bottom one is also coloured with alcohol ink to add a bit of colour!

Hope you Like - Very much a 'Work in Progress'!  I will blog these when they are finally finished but you might see progress reports along the way!!!

Thank you  for looking!
Bye Bye from me xxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I said it would happen!  I said I would post!

'Old' work desk.... (still almost a WOYWW as that's my husband's latest make in the background - it's a cabinet he's building to hold our music system and 600 CDs!!)

And new room of stashly things!!!

The three boxes are my 'Book of Ruination' project and OMG - I love the 'alien skin' technique! (Thank you Andy Skinner!) The stamps are out because I'm also making a birthday card for a friend (why work on one thing when you can work on 4??)  I've also spotted another book waiting to be altered lurking in the bottom left corner!

Right, I'm off to look at some WOYWWs!

Bye bye from me!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

This is What happens when Ninjas.....

.....have Access to your Room of Stashy Things!
I've been knitting an Afghan Blanket for ooh....20 years!!  This is only half of the wool one of the Ninjas unravelled (very strong suspicions it was Nancy. Sid's not really into crafts). The other half was draped around our bedroom  and back into the '3rd' bedroom* and there was another couple of bundles this big there!  It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to rewind the lot! Now safely stowed (I hope) on top of the wardrobe! (*Victorian Terraced 2 up 2 down, modernised so the loo is downstairs and I have a room off the main bedroom that I use as my crafty area.) Mr Osborne would be charging me for that if I was in social housing. Won't say any more. See you tomorrow on WOYWW!