Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Specials number 3......

Creating al Fresco!

It was such a lovely sunny day that my work desk became the little table in the back garden today!!!

 Preparing the surfaces of my book and boxes for the 'Rock My Book' online workshop.  Look! Blue sky!!

Stage 2 - selecting my steampunk parts for the holes in the rock.  Then I raided the OH's shed for some serious metal!!

That's all for now - I must away and put the spaghetti on for tea.

Bye bye from me x


  1. Just left a message and it's disapeared

  2. Ok, think I've sussed it now. Books looking good. Sat in the garden sewing for a while, had to come in got a lousy headache and felt sick. Found a hat and sat watching the Grande Prix withit on. Not used to that hot thing in the

  3. Hi Sand,
    Isn't crafting outside the best thing ever,
    Have a good week
    Rosie x


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