To think it all started with a Christmas card making session at my Mum's one afternoon in 2010!!! These are my previous 'projects' that I won't be adding detail for (because I've slept since then and can't remember what I used!)

 Fabric 12x12 Photo Album cover for Matt and Marcie
Gorgeous BoBunny papers Birthday Card 
 Birthday card for my French friend, Christine (she even got matching wrapping paper!)
 Exploding box for Dee's 40th (Thanks to Hels for the technique)

 and Exploded!Thanks to BoBunny for the papers
 Andy's Birthday card 2012 (Ok - I admit it! Looks like a Get Well Soon card!)  Using the wonderful Graphic 45 'Olde Curiosity Shoppe' papers

 .....and Mark's card using the same collection
 My mixed media collage done with Jane Dean at Selling WI

 One of my altered books! I was horrified/terrified the first time I did this! I've had counselling from Jennie and I can now rip a signature out of any book (once I've checked it's provenance, read it, made sure it's not a first edition, if it's got photo's from WW 1 - Sorry Jennie, I will never alter my volume three of the WW1 book!!)

 Birthday card for Mum! Yep! It's Ryn's fantastic Water Droplet Stamp!  And the very first appearance of the Acetate Dragonfly!
 My lovely DI's!

 My very first altered box!  This was a wokshop with Jennie Boxall at The Artistic Stamper

 Check out the Donna Rodgers stamp in the top left! I only used a small portion of the stamp but love it!
 My Dad's Birthday Card - don't you just love Graphic 45! I'm totally addicted!
 The Exploding box for my Niece Jess's 21st - Yes , that's her in the photo! Isn't she beautiful!

 And unexploded! (BoBunny again!)
 Anyone know how to rotate????? This was our introduction to Tim's new Distress Paints! And I used Donna's girl (my Mum reckons she looks just like me as a sulky teenager - I hope so! She's Gorge!! I will replace this once I've taken a new photo the right way up! This was another Artistic Stamper workshop with Jennie Boxall

 ......And to finish some tags! (Ok that was to finish tonight's session! More to follow in the coming days/weeks/months. Lol!!!
These were done when I think Kate was at Pickleberry. Jennie B (as in above post) did a Melt Pot workshop (which I sorely needed, having got one from Father Christmas - AKA Mummy!). We tried lots of techniques using UTEE including Faux Porcelain flowers, cookie cutters as molds and silicon molds. If you buy a Melt Pot I would strongly recommend getting yourself to a workshop.  It really does help you to gain confidence in using this technique.

And onto Altered Books! I was ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED at first!!! I mean, how can you deliberately destroy a book?????  After I'd been put in the recovery position and the hyperventilation and blood pressure were brought under control, I realised I LOVED IT!  This is actually my second destroyed altered book and so far my favourite although number 3 is coming along!.  Actually, I lie.  I love all my Altered books because each one is quite different and has all sorts of different techniques! Number 2 has the hidden draw which I love BIG time!!
Inside the  2nd altered book! (Just to prove I can do it!) Although I do break out into a cold sweat at the beginning of each class!!!

These pages were made using black and white paper and the new Rangers Dylusions sprays by Dyan Reavely.  I love the intensity of colour! Buttons were coloured with alcohol ink, glued in place and bakers twine added.
Gesso applied through a TCW mask (sorry - the name of this one quite eludes me) and 'Dylusioned' to within an inch of it's life.  I used a heat gun to try and dry and yep, only stopped when Jennie said 'What's burning'!  It now has a very characteristic smell which I associate with this book and actually quite like!

More Dylusions and an advert from a selection of papers supplied by Jennie - got to be binoculars and telescopes! {I'm a wee bit SteamPunk in my leanings!}

Love the 'Zip in the Page'! And the black paper over sprayed with shimmer looks like leather (sort of)

The inside of one of the G45 Birthday cards from above

Detail from my Mums Birthday card

More of Mum's Birthday card. This is the  first appearance of Daphne. Acetate Dragonfly Par Excellence! Yep, had to give her a name! (Very weird, 'she' started out as a 'he' but she's definitely Daphne!!

My Gothic Clock from Andy Skinner's workshop at the Artistic Stamper, 9th March 2013:

 (wish I knew how to rotate pics - It's the right way up in my folder!)

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