Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Special #4

This week I'm featuring my wonderful Hubs work!  The Music Centre and CD rack is complete in construction:

The first set of racks:

And then you open the me up.....
And find the second set!

 He doesn't make any drawings...all done in his head?

The turn table shelf...
 And my contribution! Sunny Daffs! (that the cats haven't killed!)

Who doesn't love Daffs!  The next stage for the furniture is filling, sanding and polishing. Pics to follow!

Thanks for looking


  1. That's rather awesome - he's very clever - what a great storage system

  2. You should be careful showing that class of work to everyone - you could be receiving orders. It is a gorgeous piece of furniture and I want one!!!! LOL

  3. Do you rent him out, how beautiful is that! Big gold star for that hubby.

  4. Hi Sand,
    Can I borrow him please. My OH is wonderful and scrummy and I love him to bits but he is as practical as a fruit bat.
    Rosie x

  5. Nick would like to say thank you but he's gone all embarrassed!! His next project is an occasional table made of three different woods - he tentatively started it 4 years ago and as it is a smallish project he's decided to do that next to get the wood out of the way so he can start building a new gate for the alleyway! Then, fingers crossed, it will be my craft storage (please, please, please!). Thank you all for your lovely comments! Much appreciated xxx


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