Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Wednesday again! Welcome to my happy, messy place of stash!!  Rock my Box in the foreground is a definite in-progress piece.  I was threatening to take Mr Lizard off and sand the top right back earlier this week but a judicious purchase of Onyxite Treasure Gold and five minutes of application has rescued the him. I think I will let Mr Lizard live another day in his rocky domain!!

 This is to the left of Mr Lizard - a semi completed Book of Ruination..........(liking the jaunty angle of the lamp shade lol!)

And this is to the right!  Another Book of Ruination sitting on top of my (almost) complete Rock my Book (I need to tidy up the inside where there were some paint 'leaks' for want of a better word!).  Oops! Just realised the desk is littered with used wet-wipes and kitchen roll!  They'll get tidied away before I post next week! 

And Finally......
Ta-Dah!! A close up of one of the 'holes' in the rock!!  No pics of my OHs CD rack this week as I've posted a separate piece just featuring him earlier in the week.  He's now in the process of finishing.  All the glue marks are sanded away, any flaws filled and he's now waxing and polishing!

Thanks for looking!  I'm off to look at other WOYWWs!

Bye bye from me x


  1. Hi Sand
    Wow Wow and Wow again
    Rosie x

  2. Hi Sand. So impressed by your creativity! Thanks for your visit MMx #56

  3. Wow! You have been productive! I've yet to finish my Ruination piece. And haven't even started the Rock My Book lessons yet! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #5 p.s. love both pieces!

  4. Wow that really is metal work - looks really effective ! Glad Mr Lizard had a reprieve !! Ali #4

  5. agh! he's not real is h?? Had loads of lizards, or what are they geco's (or something like that) when we stayed in Spain...and ants! Desk is looking busy!
    Happy Very late WOyWW!

    (((Lyn))) #142

    1. He's a lovely rubber baby ready for alteratiom!

  6. Super, busy desk! Please let Mr Lizard stay!

  7. Love your desk and such great projects you're working on! Beautiful.

  8. Mr Lizard is staying! I love him to bits! Just need to work out colours! Doing a totally non-grunge/steampunk page.Now that is Really scary!

  9. Great photos. Love your ink pads storage. A note to self get the names of pads printed on some stickers and attach them to the pads. I always struggle to find the right colour.
    Thank you for sharing & for visiting my blog. :)


  10. Wow - there is a lot to see on your desk. Love the last picture. April #122


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