Wednesday, 8 May 2013


In short...a mess!  I haven't actually got a photo of my desk this week so I'm sharing my 'experiments' with doodling (ok, Zentangle if you're posh!).  These are also ATC auditionees for the ATC swap coming up (as you can probably tell from the subtle 'WOYWW' placement!).
I rather like Mr Origami Squirrel

I've decided these qualify for WOYWW as they were photo'd on my 'old' desk, aka the dining room table!  I was back on the dining room table because there wasn't an ATC shaped space on my proper desk (wasn't joking when I said it was a mess!!!).  Anyhoos, short and sweet for me this week!
Thanks for looking - I'm offski to look at other WOYWWs!

Happy WOYWW peeps!!
Bye bye from me xx


  1. Great tangles!
    Krisha #20

  2. Your artwork is lovely. April #150

  3. Lovely artwork

    Happy crafting

    Candace #62

  4. I love your zentangle atcs
    Rosie x

  5. Great cards - love them! Thanks for sharing!
    Gabriele #112

  6. Oh Zentangle ATC's I'm gonna have to make a few for sure :) hugs Nikki #2

  7. What fun doodles/zentangles! My hand would be killing me if I did that much doodling in one day! In fact I stay away from doing zentangles just for that reason.
    Sometimes my desk gets so messy I have to find another spot to work...but then I make myself clean up my desk as I can't stand hopping all over the place to get my stuff. LOL
    Anna Leisa #155


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