Monday, 6 May 2013

Remember that box.....

.....that went a bit wrong? (well, ok, a Lot Wrong!)  It's been rescued!!

No more headless dogs when the lid goes on!!

 Really pleased with this now! And just to finish, a couple of gratuitous pics of Nancy relaxing after a hard day in the garden!!

Thanks for looking and bye bye from me xxx


  1. Wondered when you were going to finish it. :)

  2. Sorry! forgot to say it looks good. xx

  3. that was a nifty bit of stamping inside the tin - looks fab.

    1. If you don't tell anyone I'll let you into my secret! Blank Washi tape stamped with Memento! If I'd been clever I'd have stamped the inside card while it was still flat! Doh!!

  4. Hi Sand,
    The boox looks great, it's hard work being a cat and gorgeous isn't it?
    Rosie x


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