Sunday, 7 April 2013

Just wanted to share...

...what fun we had today at the Artistic Stamper workshop!  Sad that there was only Rosemary and me but in a very selfish way RATHER PLEASED! We had the run of the workshop! All that space (and yes, 3 of us covered the WHOLE table!)  I've been to workshops where there's 8 of us - how do we manage???

Anyhoo, here's a few pics of what we did:

The front cover was done during the workshop and if you look closely you should see 'Altered book Five' and my initials! Notice the spine is black at this point but I felt the back cover needed something! I thought 'Alien Skin' at this point and then thought it might be too much! 
So I just did the spine!

 Then I remembered.....
We did this too!

This was the 1st half - just love the little bottles! The tall one has watch parts in (which I adore!)  The 2 little ones have beads in and look like sweetie jars! The bottom one is also coloured with alcohol ink to add a bit of colour!

Hope you Like - Very much a 'Work in Progress'!  I will blog these when they are finally finished but you might see progress reports along the way!!!

Thank you  for looking!
Bye Bye from me xxx


  1. This was a fab book :) It was a rather chilled out workshop

  2. How lovely to do this workshop, I think it is great so far
    Rosie x


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