Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Not sure...

...but I might have joined WOYWW
My contribution:


  1. Hi Sandra - yup you joined WOYWW! I'm intrigued by your books/boxes - I feel some altering coming on - am I right? Have a great week. MMx #141

  2. Hi Maisie - wasn't sure I'd posted as I got a very strange error message and most of the post is missing!! It was meant to say 'book boxes primed and sealed ready for the next stage of Andy Skinner's Book of Ruination workshop' Lol! I'm still new to this bloggy thing!

  3. My first time too! Your desk is so tidy and I am intrigued by what will appear....

    All best wishes from a snowy Czech Republic
    Cestina #38

    1. Thank you Cestina! It amazes me that I am making friends from all over the world through crafting!! Oh, and Cestina, this is very unusual for my desk - my Hubs made me tidy it up:-(

  4. Oh yes, I think accidentally or not, you're on the Welcome mat to WOYWW! Loving the collection you're preparing to work on, tell me is the tray included or a playing the part of desk? Just read your reply to Cestina...maybe you should show your husband a few WOYWW desks...that'll make yours look empty, never mind tidy!!

  5. He He! The tray is my portable desk! I work on my dining table so need to move at a moments notice. I now have my proper craft room.....WOYWW will be different


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