Friday, 22 March 2013

Whoops! Got it....


I was making a box for Deb in Canada and Oh Boy! Did I get it wrong! Started out like this:
And became this:
All well and good. Papier mache box , gessoed and then attacked with Distress Paints in Bundled Sage,Victorian Velvet and Salty Ocean.
 I used a wet brush to get a drippy effect

Candy Pink Cosmic Shimmer sprayed through TCW 'Harlequin'

Lid Stamped with the main image from The Border Collie set (Jane Natley Mayhew Collection, from

I added some touches of colour using Distress Markers

Nancy lending her artistic input!!

 And stamped Water Droplets on Tissue ready for the inside

And then it went horribly wrong!  Well, it was OK at first!
Yep OK! 


And then I put the lid on the box.........can you see what's coming??


so that was a bit of a 'Design FAIL'!  Memo to self:  When working on a two part piece, work on them as a whole and not in isolation!!

Oh well! Back to the drawing board (dining room table).


  1. Oh that's a classic, what a shame it was looking so good.

  2. Annoying, but it's all in the learning curve. xx

  3. It was looking fantastic but that's exactly the sort of thing I do!

  4. Oh what a shame, it was looking so good! I often find I can't put the lid back on those boxes once I have put paint and stuff on them, they seem to shrink a bit!

  5. How about getting a new box and swapping lids? You could just stamp the heads on the top so they lined up!

  6. I couldn't stop laughing when I put the lid on!! I have a cunning plan - an inner 'sleeve' of card to lift the lid above the box!

  7. ....And if that doesn't work... going to use Kathy's suggestion above as I have another box!!


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