Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Workshop with....

....Andy Skinner at the Artistic Stamper

Hello Peeps!

I actually added these photos to my Gallery before thinking 'Nah! They deserve a post of there own!  And that's all down to Andy Skinner.  We had a wonderful day on Saturday creating this absolutely gorgeous (in my opinion) Gothic clock:

As you build the layers up it becomes more 'metallic' looking. Each time I picked it up, I expected it to be heavier and colder!  It now resides in my office at work (Cos Ninja-Nancy-No-Pants was fascinated by the clock and kept trying to take it apart!) and everyone has been fooled!  They have to touch it to confirm it's chipboard! (Lots of grey fingers from the graphite - I really ought to seal it!)

I won't give Andy's secrets away! Suffice to say it's DecoArts paint and get yourself along to his workshops!  I've just joined the on-line workshop for the 'Book of Ruination'.  It's on special offer until the 15th March - Details HERE

Well, that's all from me! Bye bye until next time and thanks for reading!
Sand xxx


  1. This is brilliant, looks superb :) x

  2. Looks brilliant from the piccies, will pop by and have a proper look, when I get 5!


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