Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW 213....

From Italy! Another quick blog this week as I'm on my phone. Just wanted to share some photo's of my holiday journal. My sketches this year are totally different and I'm very pleased with them!
Bye bye for now peeps (I'm going to try to link up!).......

And I'm back! Using the hotel laptop for some last minute editing!
This is the view from the Hotel Parsifal Terrace looking towards the mountains.  Work in progress as I need to add lots more of the houses that form Torello, the village on the way down to Minori on the coast.

Another work in progress but this time the page on the right needs to be viewed 90 degrees to the left!  It is from my favourite bar and is a sketch of a wrought iron gate and lovely old stone wall.  The next picture is my actual desk for tonight (well, my lap was used a lot so I put everything on the table!)  This is my journal.  The front cover was done before the holiday, the back I've done whilst here - yes. I took my stamps and ink pads (carefully selected mind) with me!  The colours are Derwent Watercolour pencils with Pentel aquabrushes (why have I only just discovered water brushes?????)
A close up of the back cover:
One of the quick sketches (about 90 seconds -  I wanted to just catch the shapes of the guys while they watched Italy play Spain in the semi-finals of the Confderations Cup (the other half of the watch seemed perfect to hide Raffaele who was moving about so much I couldn't capture him!!)
I'm so  pleased with these as it is something completely different for me! I used to be a watercolour/pen and ink, quite classic stuff, but thanks to various lovely tutors at craft classes, I've discovered a whole new artistic mojo!!
He he! So much for a short blog!  Till next week, Happy crafting fellow WOYWW'ers!   


  1. These sketches are looking great - really fascinating with the clocks worked into them ! Hope you are having a lovely holiday ! Ali #28

  2. G'day Sandra
    just dropping by for WOYWW from Australia. Oh wow lucky you being in Italy. Your sketches are gorgeous!!! I really love the last one and the mountains...great work!!
    Annette In Oz #21

    1. Thanks Annette! I'm really enjoying working like this - totally different to my my normal watercolour style but uses all my crafting techniques. Best of both worlds!

  3. Oh these are the addition of the white pen as highlight, very clever and dynamic. gates and doors feature in my holiday pics too, but only impressed at your sketchability.

    1. Thanks Julia! This is the first time I've tried combining my watercolour/pen and ink skills with the techniques I've learnt through card making and crafting! It's opened up a whole new world! I'll be adding UTEE and wax next and wondering why my pages are stuck togther Lol!

  4. These are looking lovely
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Rosie x


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