Sunday, 28 July 2013

I've been away.............

wayyyyyy too long!!  Holidays tend to stop me from doing normal things for way longer than the actual holiday!  It's been totally manic at work too since I got back and also very hot (not complaining about the hot!!!) so crafting has taken a leisurely break too! Anyway, thought it was about time I got back to my blog! Yesterday was spent at the Artistic Stamper doing a workshop with Georgina and very productive it was too!  We made 4 cards but I'm only going to show you one!!

This went to my gorgeous friend Christine for her birthday...She loved it! (Phew!).  And then I spotted all the other sea-side themed stuff in her house! It must have got through to me subliminally!!

And this is our garden table earlier! I've been mounting stamps!! The book is the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopaedia which Nick was browsing (as you do)

Now for some of my holiday sketches...
My favourite!

One of the bars around the Piazza
 Mountains from the Hotel

 The Duomo, Ravello

 Planter and beer - I decided to concentrate on small stuff!!

 Looking at Scala from the Piazza....

And my favourite
This only exists in my mind although all the elements can be found in reality!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I definitely enjoyed the holiday and it was certainly the most successful as far as creating is concerned in a lonnnnnnnngggggg time!

Bye bye for now xxx


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