Monday, 12 August 2013

Rejoining the....

... world of blog!
Next time we go to Dover Castle: Memo to self: 'TAXIS BOTH WAYS AND FLEECES!!!'
Sittingbourne Station: Tickets ordered on-line, collected! Sitting in the sun - lovely and warm and sunny

Get to Dover Priory: lovely! Warm and sunny
Taxi up - Fine and only £6:40!
Up there: blowing a hooley and cold to boot!
Nick decided to wear armour to keep warm!

 And added a shield for protection against the wind!

Liam added a waterproof to stop the chilling wind! (so did I, but there's no photos! I had the camera!!)
They both loved grinding corn the Roman way!

We watched two displays - one by the Horrible Histories guys with gladiators which was brilliant (Liam complained 'there were only 2 globs of blood!') then 'The Ermine Street Guard' with their display of the Roman Army and how it worked. Some pics from the displays...............

No stirrups! Very impressed!

The mighty 'Testudo'

This machine fired melons way over the castle walls in the background!!
And to finish.....Well of's our own little roman soldier!

On the day we......
 Managed to eat packed lunch (which was lovely thanks to me! Although the pork pies and sandwiches were frozen, the drinks were perfectly chilled)
Walked down - that's a lot of steps and a very steep slope when you do the direct route. Got serious cramp in my left thigh and was thinking Nick would need to flag down a passing motorist for assistance! Did make it in the end!

Monday: Never again. Unless it's by train and taxi both ways!
Monday Addendum: still can't walk normal because of cramp in left thigh

Tuesday Addendum: Would definitely recommend this as a day out! (But I'm still walking funny)


  1. My ex and I used to belong to the Roman Military Research Society - 14th Legion... they wore blue tunica's and had blue-based shields... my ex was the Signifer which means he wore a wolfskin on top of his helmet and carried the standard as well as a small round shield... I was a Romano-British lady... fun times!

  2. I love the whole re-enactment stuff Suzie! Just can't decide which period to follow! Want to do them all! I would love to be a medieval falconer. I think that is my calling


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