Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Special #1111228597

Yep! Lost count so from now on random numbers will be allocated!!  What a lovely Saturday!  I had a card for a parcel to collect from the post office!!  I knew what was in it but still!! And here is part of the contents:
 I also got three white pens of various thicknesses and happened to have my pack of 5 black pens in my handbag so there was no way I wasn't going to play!!  Half an hour later in the pub.......
 The long line of 'splats' was the first mark made!  Trying to get the ink to flow in the Posca pen!!  The ink trail went right across the book and onto my leg, foot and the pub floor.  I know have really cool purple converse with white spots!"
Developing nicely!
And I think the front is done! This book is going on my holiday with me.  I'm going to do some backgrounds on the pages and leave some blank.  I can then get my daily craft fix filling it in with sketches and doodles!!

 Later in the afternoon we had our 5 year old grandson over for a sleep-over.  He was playing with his PlayDoh so I thought I'd introduce him to Martha Stewart Crafters' Clay so we could make something permanent!  Here he is mixing up his favourite colour, purple!
Look at the concentration!
And the moulds - mix of Karantha and Martha Stewart.  And here's what Liam made:

Pretty good for a first go!! I showed him how to gild them this morning but didn't get any photos.  He used Cerise Gleam for the little face and Silver Treasure Gold for the others.  Hoping I've created another crafter!  I only needed to show him what to do once and he got it straight away!!

And Finally...
My Father's Day Card!
For once I have something that fits with a couple of challenges!  I would like to enter this into:
and also
Matches my OH's little occasional table perfectly!!

Thanks for looking!
Ta ta from me!


  1. Love your card and your grandson is clearly having a great time,
    Rosie x

  2. LOVE that occasional table!!! And LOVE your card, those colours are right up my street... looks like you have a little prodigy there hun.... Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

  3. Love this card and the use of corrugated paper, and the colours! Can't wait for my grandson to be old enough to introduce to making things, looks like you both had a great time! X


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