Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sunday Special! On a Tuesday??

Yep! It's me again!  I'm back! Had a wonderful Saturday Workshop at The Artistic Stamper with Kate Crane! This is my second foray into Art Journalling and I LOVE IT!

I've got loads of pictures to share:
This is a page I made after the workshop using stuff 'n' bobs from my stash of Dylusionals, Stencils and Washi's...rather pleased although Nick did say 'Looks like a pair of lungs' (What does he know!). Watch this space to see what it becomes! I also made a page for bunting using orange, yellow and red

  •  Loving my purples and greens - did I tell you that is my favourite colour combination (closely followed by pink and teal/aqua - though I suppose that's really the same colours, just paler!!)
    See below for the 'finished' page!

  • Love the 'Ghosting' using water technique! How cool is that!
I had to cover a Saxo Pot before I could start though.............

And the Birthday Card took me ages...........but pleased in the end!  This actually used the background I prepared for making the bunting!
And so to the pages I made during the work shop!Painted page work in progress! This was using acrylic paints

And an inky page using Dylusions sprays! See below for how this page was finished and what became of the page to the left....or what to do with overspray and blotting pages!!

       Painty page number 2

And both painty pages

And this is the left hand page of the 'blue-green' pages finished off at home.........

Oh! and if anyone knows how to rotate photos in blogger, please let me know how to do it!  These images are all the correct orientation in my EOS photo professional editing programme!!

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Jennie and Mal for hosting and a providing a lovely lunch! And a big, big thank you to Kate for coming all the way from t'North to teach us!! Please come again soon!

 If you want to get inky get yourself to The Artistic Stamper!

Thank you for looking (and apologies for the previous edition of this blog if you saw it - Blogger decided to add multiples of the same photos and I tried to caption them all, as you do! Sorted now!!)

TTFN xxx


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    1. Thank you! Brilliant day Kathy! You are kathy aren't you??

  2. Replies
    1. Was that a good day or what! Hope Sunday was as much fun! Somehow, I think it probably was! Lucky Git!

  3. love what you did Sandra and wasnt it a funday. Hope to see you there again and kate as well.


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